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Yet the Nabataeans managed to maintain good relations with the Seleucids, due to their mutual trade interests. C. the Sicilian historian Diodorus Siculus wrote in his Bibliotheca Historica, “While there are many Arabian tribes who 13 A BRIEF HISTORY OF SAUDI ARABIA use the desert as pasture, the Nabataeans far surpass the others in wealth although they are not much more than ten thousand in number. 94). , Nabataea remained independent. C. C. and ordered the Nabataeans to withdraw. Two years later, General Pompey sent a force to attack Petra, but the city remained independent.

Yet Nabataea still retained its independence. Under King Aretas IV (r. C. D. 40), settlements were built along the caravan routes to develop the incense trade. D. 70. D. 106. Rabbel had made a pact with the Romans: as long as they did not attack during his lifetime, they could have the kingdom after his death. The Romans renamed it Arabia Petraea, or “rocky Arabia,” and redesigned the city of Petra with traditional Roman architecture. Between Arabia Petraea in the north and Arabia Felix in the south lay the vast expanse of Arabia Deserta.

The following year a dozen leaders representing most of the Arab clans met with Muhammad to find out more about his faith. All 12 are said to have accepted his message immediately. The 12 returned to Yathrib to serve as apostles, spreading the word of Islam. Muhammad also sent a trusted follower who had memorized large portions of the Quran to spread its word in Yathrib. Within a short time, most of the Arabs had converted. During the pilgrimage of 622, a delegation of 73 converts representing all the Arab clans in Yathrib came to meet Muhammad and report on the spread of Islam.

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