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However, the ratio of the peaks was not constant, which might be due to the use of a mixture of amino acids with varied specific activity. The products directed by BMV RNA 4 and CMV RNA 4 were both mixed with their corresponding coat protein and subjected to cyanogen bromide cleavage. The electrophoretic patterns of peptides resulting from the in vitro product were completely identical to those of the authentic protein (Shih and Kaesberg, 1973; Schwinghamer and Symons, 1975). The translation product of BMV RNA 4 was fully acetylated in vitro, as judged from the incorporation of one acetyl group per 11 leucine residues, presumably at the N-terminus (Shih and Kaesberg, 1973).

There is some ambiguity about the existence of a replicative form corresponding to RNA 4. Lane and Kaesberg (1971), Bastin and Kaesberg (1976), and Bol et al. (1975) found a double-stranded RNA molecule with the size expected for the replicative form of RNA 4. Such a molecule was not found by other investigators. It is possible that progeny RNA 4 is transcribed from a strand complementary to RNA 3. RNase treatment of such a complex would yield an apparent doublestranded RNA for RNA 4. , 1974). 2.

4. Translation of RNA Mixtures Translation of mixtures containing RNA 4 yields in all cases mainly coat protein with small peaks of the slower-migrating products. It has been suggested (BMV: Shih and Kaesberg, 1973; Davies and Kaesberg, 1974; CMV: Schwinghamer and Symons, 1975) that these results reflect the relative accessibility of the ribosome binding sites of the different RNAs. However, this is in contrast to the finding that the optimum number of RNA 4 molecules per incubation volume is about 4 times more than the optimum number of RNA 1 or RNA 2 molecules (Van Vloten-Doting et at..

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