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By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

ISBN-10: 0948006129

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This creation to Buddhist meditation presents heritage fabric on meditation - why we have to meditate; tips to arrange for meditation; and the way to take pleasure in a winning meditation consultation. It additionally teaches twenty-one easy-to-follow meditations, which jointly shape the whole Buddhist route to enlightenment. compatible for novices and extra complicated meditators alike.

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These preparations are extremely important for successful meditation. If we wish· to spend longer on the preparations, we can recite a slightly more extensive preparatory prayer called Essence of Good Fortune, which is found in Joyful Path of Good Fortune and Universal Compassion (where it is called Prayers for the Six Preparatory Practices). If we wish, we can emphasize going for refuge by reciting the refuge prayer hundreds of times, 23 A MEDITATION HANDBOOK or we can make many mandala offerings, or we can emphasize purification by making prostrations to the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas.

They are called 'immeasurables' because we generate these minds while thinking of all sentient beings, whose number is immeasurable. Visualizing the Field for Accumulating Merit The Field for Accumulating Merit is the assembly of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and other holy beings in whom we take refuge and to whom we make prostrations, offerings, 19 A MEDITATION HANDBOOK confession, and so forth. We imagine that they are all in the space before us, with Buddha Shakyamuni, our main object of visualization, in the centre and all the other holy beings around him, like the full moon surrounded by stars.

They provide conducive 43 Stainless Excellent Gold THE INITIAL SCOPE conditions, encourage us in our practice, and set a good example for tis to follow. Only the Three Jewels have the ability to protect living beings from all suffering. MEDITATION By thinking in this way we generate a strong conviction that the Three Jewels are the only true objects of refuge, and we develop deep faith in Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. We meditate on this without allowing any doubts to arise. When we meditate on a mental attitude such as faith, we do not merely think about it and focus on it as if it were separate from our mind; rather we transform our mind into that state and hold it single-pointedly.

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