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Tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables) that are not good sources of β-carotene. Studies have differed with respect to whether men and women appeared to be equally protected, whether protection was limited to, or more likely for, squamous cell carcinoma versus adenocarcinoma, and in whether or not dietary retinol was also protective. Thus, collectively these studies supported the conclusion that a diet high in leafy green and yellow-orange vegetables and fruits is generally protective against cancers of the lung.

Thus, this study, which is notable for its large case number, provides evidence that serum β-carotene, and to a lesser extent retinol, is inversely associated with cancer risk, particularly with smoking-related cancers. , 1989) of the eight recent studies on lung cancer that included dietary information are generally consistent with the earlier literature. Most of the studies have provided evidence, in the form of a statistically significant association or a non-significant tendency, that consumption of carotene-rich foods is associated with some protection against cancer of the lung.

Catharine Ross 2. , 1988). Recent case–control studies have addressed whether dietary factors including vitamin A and carotenoids influence risk of oral/pharyngeal cancer, and a short-term intervention trial has tested the ability of supplemental β-carotene or β-carotene plus retinol to prevent progression of oral leukoplakia. A clinical trial of 13-cis-retinoic acid in chemoprevention has been reported recently. McLaughlin et al. S. in which 871 cases of oral cancer were matched with 979 population controls.

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